About us

We focus on the development and implementation of economically and technologically profitable solutions that meet customer needs under the motto "GREAT IDEAS, BEST SOLUTION, PERFECT PERFORMANCE" and provide 24/7 global after-sales support. Our company is growing confidently with the support of hundreds of clients in the fields of communication, banking, insurance, health, mining, energy, transport, logistics, trade and services, who trust our team and cooperate with us.


Our history begins in 1992 with Newcom LLC, the first private telecommunications company in Mongolia. Due to the business environment and other requirements of the times, it was organized as Newcom Technology LLC in 2000 and NGTEC LLC in 2007. NGNEX LLC was established as a subsidiary company in 2007 with the aim of becoming Since 2017, NGNEX LLC has been operating as an independent company with 100% domestic investment.

The NGNEX LLC solution team officially uses the products and services of the world's leading technology company to develop solutions, and can create valuable systems for its customers that can expand their operations in the long term.

Our company operates in the following areas. It includes:

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