Genesys, a world leader in technology innovation in trade and development banking, has been recognized and awarded

TDB is providing fast and efficient services closer to its customers, and is carrying out various tasks step by step in order to increase the satisfaction of its customers. One of them is the launch of the world-leading Genesys Pure Cloud system in 2022.

This time, TDB was awarded the GENESYS CX 2023 award by Genesys, a leader in the field of contact center services and cloud technology. This is the first time that a Mongolian company receives an award from an American software company.

By implementing the Genesys Pure Cloud system, TDB has the ability to receive customer calls without delay and without interruption, to quickly respond to complaints, and to perform distance sales and services. It also has the advantage of increasing the ability to receive calls at the same time.

In addition, the introduction of CLOUD or cloud solutions is characterized by the fact that it is consistent with the goal of supporting green economic solutions within the framework of sustainable development policy.

In the future, Trade and Development Bank will increase the speed of service, improve communication with customers, and work to provide comprehensive services through digital channels at the same time.

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